Hi, I’m Satya. I got my start in technology in San Francisco working in web development for a boutique firm as well as large companies like Charles Schwab, Red Hat, Nokia, and more. After going freelance in 2005, new clients would often share their frustrations in finding a reliable web developer, which was dismaying, as the qualities of loyalty and trustworthiness are close to my heart.

I took a break from development for a few years to focus on my family and creative writing, while becoming obsessed with all facets of marketing and copywriting. I used to think marketing couldn’t be anything but sleazy, but now I see it as a way to generously share your expertise with those who would love to find someone exactly like you. The added dimension of thoughtful marketing based on the idea of always adding value revitalized my passion for web development and other communication tools, and Loyal Hound Studio was born.